So I have decided to change the platform, and URL, of this blog, again. This time I am moving from Jekyll to Ghost. Allow me to explain...

So it's not that long ago that I abandoned my Laravel project hosted at, back in February I wrote:

I've decided to shut down my website. I'm on a mission to reduce time-consuming tasks that are keeping me from doing what I love with my limited spare time. And sadly I was spending more time maintaining than building and documenting my projects.

So back to basics; I will keep documenting and publishing things I work on and find fascinating, only on a simpler platform. That is why I am setting up a simple static website using Jekyll, and dropping the uCtrl name and domain.

Since February however I've found that maintaining a Jekyll website was more work than I was willing to put in. Don't get me wrong, Jekyll is a wonderful and incredibly customizable platform. But I was really looking for something even simpler, where I didn't really have to install plugins and edit source files.

I read about Ghost, tried it, loved it, and decided to switch to it. It just works, I can just write, and it looks good out of the box. Even though I like to tinker with things I really want the blog to "just work", and Ghost seems to do just that :)

As for changing the domain yet again, this time from back to I just really uctrl, and have since I got it back in 2009. The "u" represents both μ (micro) and you, "ctrl" is of course control. Both meanings appeal to me.