About a year ago the girlfriend and I finally found a house, and got settled in. It's not huge, neither is the garden or the garage. But there was enough space for me to get my own room; a man cave, office and workshop, all in one! I'm very happy with it, small spaces spikes the creativity, and I've managed to fit pretty much everything I needed. It has taken me this long to get everything together and document it...


With a computer screen, Chromecast and recliner; it's also a perfect place to relax after the girl friend and kids have gone to bed.


A pretty decent ventilation system allows me to smoke my cigars in here, which is pretty awesome with the long Norwegian winters and all.


Good books and whisky also help make the evenings enjoyable :)


I've got all my computer equipment in a rack, that means that I can stack it vertically; which again makes it take up less space. And the whole thing is on wheels, so I can pull it out if I need access behind it.


My desk has two sections; to the left is my computer setup. Three monitors, I just love a huge desktop!


To the right is my electronics corner, I'm a pretty big fan of microcontrollers, electronics and all that. So a electronics workbench is important.


I store pretty much everything in transparent boxes, making it really easy to move it around, and see what is inside. My electronic components I store in small storage drawers.