So, I seem to be platform jumping... I only recently moved from Jekyll to Ghost, and now I am moving again. This time to Grav; it all makes sense in my head.

The reason for another change is the same as before; time. As a blogging platform Ghost is great, in fact; it's awesome. The best I've come across. But as a documentation library, Grav seems better and more flexible.

And this is where the time factor comes in; I am already documenting all my projects and setups in a private wiki system. But I almost never find time (or prioritize) to make a blog post about it. I just don't see the blogging part of it as a great use of my time...

But if I make my internal knowledge base publicly available this will accomplish two things;

  • It will encourage me to write better documentation from the start, which I will also benefit from.
  • It will make it available to the public, which other people may benefit from.

So yeah; over the next couple of months (years) I will slowly start to migrate all my notes and documentation over to Grav. And ultimately close down this blog and my internal wiki system.

At the moment I am playing with the configuration and structure of my Grav instance to get familiar with it...