I really love the shelf rail system I have on the wall by the electronics lab; it distributes the load evenly over a large surface and it's incredibly easy to move things around and try out different solutions. By squeezing some of the existing shelves a bit closer and moving the wire rolls; I was able to fit yet another shelf :)


I moved my small switch power bench supply down onto the new shelf, I was able to free up enough space next to the oscilloscope to place my new linear three channel bench power supply:D It has two variable outputs; 0-30V 5A and a fixed 5V 3A output.


It also has an output on/off switch, switching only the outputs on and off but keeping the power supply powered. That is one feature I really miss on my PeakTech 6225. Because it is linear and not switch powered it is a lot bigger and heavier.

My next equipment purchase for the electronics lab is going to be a microscope, I've been wanting that for a very long time...