I've gotten myself one of those ultrawide curved monitors. I've been wanting one for a long time, and I finally bought one; a Samsung 34". Since my desk is pretty shallow, and not that big really, I also wanted to free up some work surface by getting things on shelves. So I've been doing a bit of work on my computer setup.

I've been using a dual monitor setup for as long as I can remember, both at home and at work. I find myself pretty much always having a browser open on the right monitor, and using the left for everything else. I've always loved the additional desktop space. But there are a few things I don't like about it, like; right in front of me is the monitor bezels. So I have to look either right or left. And I typically find that I work within one monitor, not much across. The experience with the 34" ultrawide is very different, the windows float more easily around on the monitor. Not bound to either the left or right. I really like it!


So this is my previous setup; with two 24" monitors placed on the desk. The desk is 2 meters wide, and the monitors took about half of that. Having them angled towards each other gave a better viewing experience, but it also left a bit of dead space behind them. Even more with the speakers placed on each side. And there wasn't a whole lot of space in front either.

So; time for some changes...


First I needed to put up a shelf to hold the new monitor. The wall behind the desk is drywall, so I located two studs and mounted a shelf rail. I got pretty lucky with the studs, their location was perfect for where I wanted the monitor. These rails have a couple of functions; first they allow the shelf height to be adjusted and second, and most importantly, they distribute the load over a large area. The ultrawide monitor is pretty heavy, around 10 kg (22 lbs) so the shelf needed to be solid.


Next I got a shelf from Ikea and cut it to size; 28 cm deep and 90 cm wide. It sits about 6 cm over the desk, this leaves enough room that the keyboard can be tucked away when I need the work surface for something else. I also put the speakers on the shelf to get them off the desk, but they got partially covered by the monitor so it wasn't a great solution.


Now; the shelf did have one side effect that I didn't like. Previously the light from the Hue Light Strip would light up the wall behind the monitors, and give a kind of bias lighting effect. But the new shelf is blocking that light, leaving the area behind the monitor darker than I would like. So to remedy that I put two Hue Bloom lights on the monitor shelf, lighting up the wall behind it. That turned out really cool :) But it left no room for the speakers, so I moved them back onto the desk.


Next I got myself a DxRacer Iron chair and a laptop stand. I got the "Rain Design mStand for MacBook" from Apple Store, it looks really cool and works just as well for other laptops.


I wasn't happy about the speakers placed on the desk. I already had a shelf I could place the right speaker on, so I mounted a new shelf for the left. Success! Finally I got the speakers of the desk again. And having them pointed at me, in the correct height made the sound a lot better!


So; this is how it turned out in the end. I've kept the monitor on the computer rack as a second display; only really using it for things like logs, music, and such. Things I look at, but don't work with. I'm using the laptop stand for my Chromebook for the moment. But I am thinking of getting myself a laptop with Linux in the future.